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Devil (Switch)

The Devil

This version of The Devil is from the 1991 film Switch.


A man named Steve Brooks was a misogynistic pig to women. Though-out his life, he was an incorrigible womanizer. That is until he was killed by three of his former female conquests due to them being disgruntled with the way he's treated them. God sent Steve back to Earth so he could prove that one woman likes him. And this is where The Devil stepped in.

The Devil gave a complaint to God. He told God that this was unfair and that Steve would use his masculine wiles to charm some woman all the while pretending to be something he's not and God would be honor-bound to send him to Heaven. The Devil gave God a proposal to this delema, to turn Steve into a woman. God did as the Devil suggested because The Devil had a good argument. Steve was made a woman and after a brief freakout, renamed himself or more accurately herself Amanda Brooks, Steve's long lost sister.

As Amanda blackmailed Steve's murderers and try to find the one woman who likes Steve, The Devil had been stalking her. The Devil even offered her two deals. One is to be a recruiter, basically it would involve sleeping with other men in order to get their souls. Another offer was for him to impregnate her in the same manner as the Devil did in Rosemary's Baby. She rejected both offers and would not give up. The irony is that a pregnancy did save her soul.

Steve's best friend, Walter Stone impregnated Amanda just before she was implicated in Steve's murder by one of the three women who killed him. She wound up in a mental institution after she admitted in court that she was Steve. Sometime later Amanda married Walter and gave birth to a baby girl. The baby liked her and shortly after due to health complications, Amanda died. And because the baby liked her for who she was, The Devil lost his claim on Steve's soul and Steve was sent to Heaven.