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~ The Devil's first lines in the cartoon
The Devil is the main antagonist of the 1935 Happy Harmony cartoon Good Little Monkeys.


He comes out of a Dante's Inferno book and plans to bring 3 Good Little Monkeys (Who are the main protagonists of the cartoon) to Hell. Before the monkeys can see him, a cuckoo clock bird cuckoos until he smacks it with his tail to silence it, causing the bird to return into its clock. He jumps into a nearby skull and then the monkeys see him and started singing their theme song. The Devil rings a gong, which awakens the other characters of the cartoon, which they have a party. The Devil asks the monkeys to join his "fun", but the monkeys say no and started singing their theme song a second time. The Devil goes to a bowl with peanuts, and uses them as maracas. This made the other characters to sing along with The Devil's maraca beats. The monkeys finally join The Devil's "fun" as the dance along. The Devil throws peanuts on the table to lure the monkeys to his book. He tears the top of a flower vase off and grabs 2 cherries from a centerpiece then makes music with them, attracting a gypsy dancer. She dances towards the monkeys, who are disgusted by the Gypsy dancer's "evil dancing". They run from her and started singing a slightly different version of their theme song. The Devil grabs the poor monkeys and tries to throw them into his book while laughing maniacally. This prompted the other characters to come to the monkeys' rescue. The monkeys tried to run from The Devil, the latter of whom was chasing them. The other characters then attacked The Devil, chasing him away from the monkeys. Later, a Tarzan-themed character and his elephant chase The Devil back into his book as he throws himself into his own book as the elephant body-slammed the book shut.