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This Disney incarnation of The Devil based on The Evil One is the main antagonist of the animated short The Goddess of Spring.


Long ago, there was a time when it was spring all the time, due to a goddess blessing the land. Every living thing loved her, but none loved her more then the devil who decided to take her as his queen. Upon making his offer, she declined, so instead the devil kidnapped the goddess and brought her to Hell and crowned her queen of hell. Without the goddesses blessings, the world whithered and had it's first fall and winter.

Despite the devil's numerous attempts to make her happy, the goddess remained sad. Growing frustarated, but still wanting her love, he asked her what would make her happy. She responded by saying she wanted to be above ground where she was happy. The Devil agreed, under the condition that she return and spend half of every year with him in hell. It is presumed the deal still stands since the short says the goddesses departures caused fall and winter, while her returns caused spring and summer.

It is most liklely this story draws influence from the story of Hades and Persephone.