The Devil-Food Cake
The Devil-Food Cake is the main antagonist of the "Little Audrey" episode, Tarts And Flowers.


The Devil-Food Cake appeared as he came out from his hideout after he heard that The Gingerbread-man is take The Angel Cake for his wife on the wedding. The Devil-Food Cake refused to let that happen, because he wants The Angel Cake for himself. He popped to the wedding and kidnapped Angel Cake. Little Audrey bought the Cop Cakes to stop The Devil-Food Cake. The Gingerbread-Man borrowed a horse from the "Animal Cracker" Zoo to rescue The Angel Cake. As they chase after The Devil-Food Cake, He took The Strawberry Short Cut to The Old Milk Stream, took a boat and row off to The Devil's Cake Island. Little Audrey and The Gingerbread-Man got there too late. Little Audrey saw a sign says, "The Old Milk Stream", which gave her an idea. She uses an manual hand-mixer to turn old milk into butter, which got the boat stuck in butter and made it difficult for The Devil-Food Cake to row straight to The Devil's Cake Island. The Gingerbread-Man runs into the buttered stream and pulverized The Devil-Food Cake. The Police captured The Devil-Food Cake, locked him in the Pie Wagon and took him to prison. The Devil Food Cake was voiced by the late, unaccredited Jackson Beck, who is the voice of Bluto.