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"The Demon" is the villain from the 1995 live-action computer game Phantasmagoria. It was an entity of pure evil summoned from a cursed book 100 years ago by the great magician Zoltan Carnovasch and possessed him, slowly making Carno, who was previously a good man, into a monstrous serial killer who brutally murdered all five of his wives. Carno was eventually killed in the process of killing his fifth wife, and this was witnessed by his adopted son, Malcolm, who saw the spirit of the demon leave his body and go back into the book, which young Malcolm then sealed away in a church.

In the present day of the game, the Demon is released once again when the main character, Adrienne, accidentally stumbles upon and opens the book after moving into Carnovasch's mansion with her husband Don. The demon then possesses Don, who subsequently starts becoming more and more abusive and evil, yelling at, hitting and even raping Adrienne, eventually turning into a complete murderous psychopath like Carno was. Adrienne learns the Demon's backstory from Malcolm, now an old man, who also tells her how it can be banished again.

Adrienne is forced to kill Don to stop him from killing her, but then the demon suddenly appears in physical form from his corpse and starts chasing her. Adrienne runs back to the secret chamber where the book is, and then recites the spell to seal away the Demon again.