Demon Creepypasta
 The Demon is the antagonist in the Horowitz Horror story Killer Camera.

The Demon was summoned from Hell by several college students who stole a Necronomicon and broke into an abandoned house. They performed a ritual to summon the Demon and it was successful. One of them even got a picture on his camera, but the Demon looked at the camera, and possessed it. The Demon was now inside the camera and made it kill whatever picture it took. For instance, it made a mirror shatter when Matthew, a teenage boy, tests the camera at the sale. Then when Matthew buys it, none of his family want a picture of themselves done so he takes one of the cherry tree outside. The next day it's decayed. Then he takes a picture of their dog, just to test the camera, and the next few days the dog runs out into the road and gets hit by a van. Then Matthew realizes that the camera is bad. He gets the pictures developed and when he goes to a cafe to see them he sees all the black magic ritual. Then he even sees the picture of the Demon. He realizes now it's possessed and he has to get rid of it. But when he gets home, planning on dumping it in a canal, he sees his family are gone. They are at Hampstead Heath and he goes there in a panic. But when he finds them, they decided again they're too messy to take a picture, but his brother took a picture of the city of London, and black clouds roll over the city as the Demon claims more victims.