The Demon (Happy Tree Friends)

The Demon in Cub's body.

The Demon is a villainous demon first seen in the episode "Read 'em & Weep" of Happy Tree Friends.


The Demon is purple squid-like creature with many tentacles and a beak. The lower half of the demon is never shown, as it was inside Cub's head. Whenever it is summoned, dark clouds circle the sky and birds fall from the sky, dead. To date, it has possessed Cub and Lumpy.


It was summoned by Pop when he was reading Cub a Satanic book that he bought from Toothy. It possessed Cub when he looked under his bed to examine a glowing green light. When he was possessed, he sat in a zombie-like trance, vomited green sludge, and could turn his head 360 degrees. The Demon killed Petunia by grabbing her with its tentacles, half pulling her through a drain, shredding her with the garbage disposal, and eating her remains. It was exorcized by Lumpy, who was then himself possessed. Cub, upon having the Demon removed from his head, was happy to be free of the curse, showing he may have been aware that he was possessed.

Notable Acts

Kill Count

  • Petunia: 1 (Read 'em and Weep)
  • Hundreds of birds (Read 'em and Weep)


None. Could possibly be immortal.


  • Read 'em and Weep: Got exorcised from Cub's body by Lumpy. (unknown if an exorcism injures a demon)

Characters Possessed

  • Cub
  • Lumpy


  • The Satanic book that summoned the Demon is similar to the Necronomicon.
  • The symptoms of being possessed by the Demon possess similarities from The Exorcist .