James Pierce (The Deleter)

James Pierce, the most likely identity of the Deleter.

The Deleter is the tertiary antagonist in Metroid: Other M.

Role in Game

His role is to to kill any witness and destroy everything that links the Bottle Ship (the area where the game takes place) to the Galactic Federation.

He is first seen when he shoots another marine known as Maurice Favreau to death with a Freeze Gun. Moments later, he figths the game's protagonist, Samus Aran, in the vehicle known as the RB176 Ferrocrusher. Samus wins the fight tough. He escapes and kills K.G. Misawa by freezing his body and tosses it into a pool of molten lava. Much later he attempts to murder the mysterious MB (who goes under the name Madeline Bergman at that time), only to end up dead himself, either at the hands of MB or a Desbrachian. His body is later found by Samus.

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