Find Timmy Turner and bring him to me!..
~ The Darkness intimdating the Eliminators to find Timmy
Timmy Turner.......
~ The Darkness's infamous quote
The Darkness is the Bigger Bad turned anti-hero of the Fairly OddParents two-part episode Wishology. It is an interdimensional ancient force of destruction who sought to engulf every single planet in the universe and desired Timmy Turner, the series protaognist to become his friend.


In the movie, the Darkness pursued the chosen one, Timmy Turner. In the past, fairy warriors kept it from Fairyworld, and so did other worlds prevented the Darkness from arriving, by blasting it with their weapons. He had a legion of Eliminators that could be used to bring people into the Darkness. In the middle part, Timmy sacrifices himself to the Darkness, and is sucked in. He later awakens, only to reveal a copy of his world in the Darkness. After he escaped, it wanted Timmy back. The Eliminator (who later became the Destructinator) rebelled, and was temporarily destroyed by it. The Eliminator then wanted to destroy the Darkness and Turner. Timmy later uses the three wands, and rearranges the planets, thus turning the Darkness into the Kindness. It was later revealed that he went to that planet in search of a friend.


  • The Darkness is the main antagonist for the first two films in the trilogy, but eventually redeemed itself and the final villain of the trilogy was The Destructinator.

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