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The Darkness is the (former) main antagonist in the first Pajama Sam.


Darkness is portrayed in 2 different ways. In the first issue of Pajama Man and his actual appearance.

Comic Appearance

In the #1 issue of Pajama Man, Darkness is seen as a monstrous villain with dark shades, pale green gloves, and a tuxedo. His goal is to shut off all the lights in the world, placing it in darkness forever. Working from an abandoned power plant, Darkness has created a Blackout Generator with which he will carry out his plan. Just as he is about to pull a lever and activate the machine, Pajama Man steps into save the day. Darkness cowers in fear as he is hit with the rays of the Illuminator Mark 5, Pajama Man's trusty flashlight. After being stunned, Darkness is sucked into Pajama Man's Portable Bad Guy Containment Unit.

Real Appearance

Darkness is actually a lonely shadow living in Sam's closet. Because he only comes out at night when everyone is asleep, he has no one to play with. When Darkness is confronted by Sam, he informs him of his predicament and sorrowfully awaits being trapped in a lunchbox. Sam sees his loneliness and agrees to play a game of Cheese and Crackers with him. Darkness loses but is happy to have a new friend.


There is some discrepancy over what Darkness's name is. Throughout the game, he is always verbally referred to as Darkness. There are rare occasions however, where his name is spelled Dark and D. Ness. This would imply that his name is actually Dark Ness.