The Dark Hunter is the leader and titular member of Destioss ' "elite task force" known as the Dark Hunters in the Positoss webcomic. He is the first villain featured to not be created by author and artist Aidan Trait and was instead made by his friend Jak Whyldewood. He has a ninja-like daughter named Artemis.


The Dark Hunter appears skeletal and agile, usually with a grey cloak and mirror glass visor. He appeared almost exactly the same as he did before corruption as there were no "improvements" needed. 


The Dark Hunter has a mysterious personality, he is often refered to as "the creepy one" due to his mask and visor not showing any of his face, no one has ever seen him take it off.

Like Destioss, he is highly intelligent, has never panicked and death means nothing to him. He doesn't care about anyone other than Destioss and his daughter. It's unclear what happened to his wife and is presumed dead/murdered by him.

The Dark Hunter on his own is intimidating in terms of personality and is often seen as the one who will kill you in an instant if upset.