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Raise! Dark Guardian!
~ Rinne Sonogami summoning Dark Guardian
The Dark Guardian or also know as Dark Guardian or Black Guardian is the secondary antagonist in Date A Live game Rinne Utopia. It's one of the 5 antagonists on the game. It's also one of the 3 Rinne Sonogami servants. The Dark Guardian is also one of the 4 villains who serves Ruler as her minions.


The Dark Guardian appeared at the very end of the game when Rinne Sonogami activated Eden and was about to twist reality. When the Dark Guardian was summoned along with its cousins, it was ordered by Rinne Sonogami to spread in different places in Tenguu City in order to distribute and reduce the forces of the Sealed Spirits who joined forces with Shido Itsuka to prevent Rinne from change the reality.

The Dark Guardian was sent to the city's commercial center. After the Guardian get there, it activated a Angelic force field that created a reality within another. However, the Dark Guardian was confronted by Yoshino and Yoshinon that were sent to defeat the Dark Guardian.

The Dark Guardian was easily beating Yoshino by power of mana. Yoshino was in disadvantage, however, Yoshinon turned in his true form, Zafkiel, and used all Yoshino's mana to freeze the dark Guardian and destroy it's reality. The Dark Guardian was frozen to death by Yoshino and Yoshino and finally disappeared from reality.

Powers & Abilites

  • Dark Angelic Wings: A pair of wings on its back to give an absolute defense.
  • Energy Ball: A ball made of Rinne's mana. It is a powerful energy ball enough to turn a person into powder.
  • Eden Reality: A skill that is able to create a small reality. A reality that has a reach of 50 meters in the shape of a sphere.


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