The Dancing Boy

The Dancing Boy

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The Dancing Boy, also called the "Little Boy", is a nameless dancing boy who is one of the many tortured spirits within the dark world of the Further and a minor villain in the 2011 supernatural horror film Insidious. In reality, this little boy is actually not a little boy at all, but being the spirit of a an old man who apparently suffered from dwarfism.

He was portrayed by Ben Wolfe.

The Dancing Boy appears as a child with clothes from the early 1900s. He frightens Renai Lambert when entering the home and popping out of Dalton's closet.

With the Doll Girls and the Long-haired Fiend, he appeared during Elise Rainier's session. After Josh Lambert rescued his comatose son from the demon the Dancing Boy along with many spirits from the Further who like him, simply hungers for life, trying to cross over into the world of the living, soon all dissappeared back into the otherside.