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The Cursed Idol

The Cursed Idol

The Cursed Idol is a bronze statuette that serves as a recuring character in the Happy Tree Friends universe. It is based on the fertility idol from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. It brings death or severe injuries to those who are near it. Most of the time the deaths are instant, but on a couple of occasions a character and the Idol are near each other for a while before the character dies (such as Idol Curiosity and Hello Dolly).

Occasionally the Idol can be seen in the background of certain episodes, not directly causing characters' deaths yet still foreshadowing what is to come (e.g., Class Act, Every Litter Bit Hurts, Wipe Out, etc.). It also can be spotted flying off the disaster, and these moments are usually very brief (like in Swelter Skelter). The deaths that the Idol causes are sometimes the fault of machinery malfunctioning, though it also makes objects suddenly appear out of nowhere (e.g., boulders, icebergs), causes animals to fall from the sky, and turns normal sand into quicksand.

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