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The Creature (also sometimes called The Thing) is a large amphorous mass of tentacles, eyes and mouths that invaded a space station in the episode "Ain't NASA Sarily-So?"

History Edit

On Friday, June 13, a ghost infiltrated Space Platform Galileo and began feeding on its power sources. The Ghostbusters were hired by the government to capture the entity. After performing a sweep with the P.K.E. Meter, Egon was baffled he couldn't detect any psychokinetic energy accompanying the entity. Likewise, Ray could not find the Creature in the team's computerized Tobin's Spirit Guide.

The Ghostbusters found that the Creature was not evil in nature, just that it was merely hungry. This is confirmed when Winston tried to communicate with it. The Creature reached out to him but couldn't find any source of energy. Thus, it ignored Winston. The Creature was more like a hungry animal than a malevolent spirit. However, it was still extremely dangerous and unaware of how its actions were affecting others. So the Ghostbusters had no choice but to trap him. The Ghostbusters lured it into a trap by disconnecting the solar panel power source. The change in the platform's gravity rendered it immobile and vulnerable to attack. They used four different ghost traps to completely capture it.


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