He know everything, he big genius. He make your brain, he make your brain too. It was a Friday.
~ Swallow about the Creator
I grew weary of you.
~ The Creator to the Boys
Nothing lasts forever, not even... banks.
~ The Creator

The Creator is one of the two main antagonists (along with Katerina Bartokovsky) from Red Dwarf story arc Back to Earth (more specifically he's the sole antagonist from Back to Earth Part 3).

He is actually a product of the Boys' hallucinations, in which he is a man responsible for the creation of Red Dwarf, the TV show in which the entire reality of the crew exists.

He was portrayed by Richard O'Callaghan.


As the Boys from the Dwarf have hallucinations caused by the Despair Squid, they get to Earth, only to learn they are actually just characters from TV sitcom called Red Dwarf. After discovering this is going to be their last episode, the Boys decide to visit their Creator in his enormous base in the center of London and ask him for more episodes.

However, the Creator is awaiting them. He intends to kill them all, as he gets tired of them, and even prepares four bullets to his handgun, one for each of the Boys. The Boys try to convict him to make more episodes and even give him some ideas, but the Creator shows them the script of the last episode instead. His plan is to hunt the Boys across the London streets and shoot them all down as they are literally running for their lives. The Creator explains them that everything has their end and is about to shoot them when Lister kicks the handgun away and the Cat catches it.

They force the Creator to write new episodes on his typewriter which can manipulate reality. However, he writes down that the handgun flies out of the Cat's hand and the Creator will catch it, what then actually happens. The Creator is about to shoot them all dead again when Lister jumps to his, grabs his head and eventually kills him. However, it is then revealed that the shooting scene was actually a trick to force the Boys to kill their Creator, so they would die along with him. Luckily, Lister manages to ruin this plan by writing his own story on the typewriter before the Boys realize they only have hallucinations.


  • As the Creator notes, the shooting scene is a parody to the sci-fi movie Blade Runner, along with the big screen of a Chinese woman on his base.
  • Richard O'Callaghan also played another character from Red Dwarf, Hogey the Roguey, in the episode Beginning.