The Cottager becomes the villain of the Aesop's fable The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg, but is a notable example of a villain who actually does more harm to themselves than to others.

The Cottager was the owner of the mythical goose that one day began to lay a golden egg - ensuring her owner wealth over time, however the Cottager was a greedy individual and didn't wish to wait to become extremely wealthy.

Figuring that the goose must be stuffed with a large supply of gold the Cottager and his wife proceeded to kill the goose and slaughtered it only to find it was no different from any of their other geese.

Thus the greedy Cottager deprived himself of the wealth the goose would of provided due to his greed - which left him with nothing.

The Cottager (and sometimes his wife) are symbolic of greed and it's power to corrupt and ultimately destroy people: the tale itself is often used as a morality tale even in modern times.