The Corruptor, formerly known as Xylan, is the primary antagonist in the video game Darkspore and the leader of the Darkspore. He is also one of the last remaining Crogenitors in the Galaxy alongside the game's protagonist.

His appearance is similar to that of Bane.



Crogenitor Xylan discovers E-DNA.

Originally an intelligent scientist of the Crogenitor race serving in the Galaxy's peaceful empire named Xylan, was well respected in his time as a prominent genius. At some point, he discovered a substance known as E-DNA. When he presented the E-DNA, Xylan promised it would bring a new breed of powerful creatures to the Galaxy. However, E-DNA proved unstable, and the creatures injected with it became what would later be known as the Darkspore.

The Darkspore began a bloody rampage across the Galaxy, killing every creature that attempted to fight them off and a majority of Crogenitors.

Xylan fled to an unknown planet shortly after this and was cast into exile and the surviving Crogenitors lost contact with him altogether. Once establishing a stronghold on the planet, Xylan injected himself with the E-DNA and became the notorious Corruptor, leader of the Darkspore. He also ordered his general, an arrogant Ex-Crogenitor named Arcturus to attack the capital of the Crognitor Empire, the planet Perceptum. The resulting battle led to the assassination of the Crogenitor Emperor. After the attack, The Corruptor began manipulating his fellow Crogenitor conspirators: Polaris, Nashira, Orcus, and Merak to become Darkspore commanders at the cost of causing the Galaxy's downfall. Years later, one of the surviving Crogenitors began allying himself with rebels to fight the Darkspore and The Corruptor sent millions of Darkspore after them. After the Crogenitor successfully freed Zelem's Nexus and Nocturna from fear of the Darkspore, The Corruptor contacted all the remaining Crogenitors and taunted them that the end of their era is near. However, despite The Corruptor's warnings, Verdanth, Infinity, and Cryos were soon liberated and The Corruptor decided to take matters into his own hands. When the Crogenitor reached The Corruptor's headquarters on the desert capital of the Darkspore, the planet Scaldron(also where Xylan fled after exiled and became The Corruptor.), he fought all the Darkspore until he reached The Corruptor's dark lair, where The Corruptor emerged from the shadows and taunted the young Crogenitor that his quest is over and engaged his fellow Crogenitor in combat. After a long tough battle, the heroic Crogenitor defeated The Corruptor and finally killed him, causing The Corruptor's body to explode in a burst of shadows that quickly withered away, leaving only The Corruptor's mask on the ground intact. Afterwards, the Crogenitor's female AI program named HELIX contacted the Crogenitor and calculated the chance of The Corruptor's resurrection before the Crogenitor rendevoued with HELIX on board his ship and blasted off into space, heading for the now-liberated Perceptum. Meanwhile, the inhabitants of various planets fought off and successfully killed off the surviving Darkspore, now in disarray due to The Corruptor's death being a critical blow to their war effort. The Galaxy is at peace and the Crogenitor is rewarded for his heroic actions as are the rebels and the Empire regains control of the Galaxy once more. Meanwhile, on Scaldron, The Corruptor's mask lay on the ground. After a moment, shadows began to surround it as one of its eyes opened before closing again, thus hinting that The Corruptor will soon be reborn...