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The Cornstalker, known as Kaitou Morokoshi (怪盗モロコシ) in Japan, is a mysterious thief from Touch Detective 2 ½. He is a master of disguise that is always trying to steal the rarest and most valuable items in the world. He considers Mackenzie his rival and always calls her "Touch Detective", though no one knows how he knows about her title, even before she finally received it in Episode 5. <p class="MsoNormal">He is major antagonist of the game, but became antihero in episode 5, where he had to help Mackenzie stop the aliens (final antagonists)’ plan and help Mackenzie and her friends to escape from Giant Spaceship.

In Game Appearance

Robbery: Salvage of the Ancient Relic

Deception: A noble against injustice

Deliverance: Curse of cumulative destinies

Recollection: An illusion hidden in a melody

Invasion: Vendetta from afar

<p class="MsoNormal">

True Nature

Though not confirmed, his real identity is Connor, who owns of antique shop Old Times, as his shop usually closes when Cornstalker in action. Another proof of Connor is The Cornstalker are:

  • In case 3 when he talking to Mackenzie, Connor claims that he had problem to impersonate Mayor Tom's voice. Fortunately for him, Mackenzie didn't realize it at all.
  • His basic built, jawline, and his voice is identical each other.
  • In case 4, he knows about Silver the doll.


  • Mackenzie has a crush to The Cornstalker when he assumed his civilian identity as Connor, though it is quite ironic that she had no feelings to him while he assumed his Cornstalker identity.

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