What are your dreams, little man? What fantasies can I make true? What desires will you paint upon my canvas? Gold and riches? Sweet, tender kisses? Power, strength? Close your eyes, my prince, my king, and we shall taste your dreams together.
~ The Concubine to Prince

The Concubine is one of the bosses in the Prince of Persia (2008) video game. She is also the only female member of the Corrupted we know of.


Once a mortal woman, The Concubine, used her beauty to manipulate men of the Courts in order to gain power and wealth. She eventually crossed paths with another powerful woman that decided to have her beaten and ultimately disfigured so as to eliminate competition. This caused her to lose what she cherished most her own beauty and the power she had acquired over time. She decided she would pray to the gods in hopes of being granted her beauty again. Ahriman heard her prayers and decided he would strike her a deal: In return for her soul he would grant her the power to change her appearance and cast illusions. Desperate and desiring to be beautiful again she took the deal immediately. Unfortunately the changes never lasted long forcing her to flee and try seducing again at a later time.

As time went on she became loyal towards Ahriman, and eventually imprisoned with her master and his followers within the Tree of Life. However once they are free she desires to seduce Prince, kill Elika and destroy the Fertile Grounds so her master could obtain his goal of taking the universe for himself. Eventually Elika forcibly cleanses her soul much to her dismay.


The Concubine is portrayed as a vain, arrogant and greedy being that will stop at nothing to obtain the things she desires. Over time it is said she came to only know lust, jealousy and rejection driving her to madness. She will be often flirtatious towards males with a desire for their attention and admiration.

Powers and Abilities

She is shown to be able to cast realistic illusions and shape-shift into whom ever she pleases though only for a limited time apparently. She like all the Corrupted she is practically immortal to the point it takes Elika forcibly cleansing her soul to finish her off for good. She is said to be able to manipulate others and was described as intelligent in the past though its not elaborated on much.


The Last of the Ahura. Their queen comes to die in the Hall of Coronation! It's almost a waste of the irony for it to fall on such a humourless people.
~ The Concubine to Elika
Welcome to the ball, honored guests... Shall we begin the dance?
~ The Concubine
I had no choice.
~ The Concubine's last words