-The Commander (Maoyu)

The former Commander of Gateway city and villain from the Maoyu Series


The former Commander of the Crusaders that controlled Gateway city and leader of White Night Kingdom's army. Under his rule, his Crusaders treated the demons harshly. As he and his Crusaders lost their sanity and morale due to the Black Knight and his allies' illusion magic, his army abandoned the city with the excuse that he was helping to reclaim Aurora Island. Unfortunately, he and his Crusaders were met by the demon armies who had controlled Aurora Island and were forced to retreat due to the Winter Kingdom forces. After a brutal battle, his whole army was wiped out, though the Commander himself was able to escape back to the Central Kingdoms. Nevertheless, he was arrested and sentenced to death by the Central Church for abandoning Gateway City and his crushing defeat at the hands of the demons. Later on he is secretly freed by his uncle, the White Night King, but not before losing one of his eyes to rats. He then joined his uncle's plan against the South. At the beginning of the war between Central and South, he led a cavalry surprise attack at the Iron Kingdom, only to be defeated by Warrior Youngster's forces. Escaping death again, he sneaked into Iron Kingdom's capital to murder Crimson Scholar who he blamed for all the bad things that happened to him. However, before being able to kill anyone, he is confronted by the Warrior Youngster. After a fierce duel, the former Commander is killed, but not before cursing his enemies and predicting their downfall.