The Colonel is the founder of Golan and a practitioner of the fighting style Nanto Muon Ken ("Silent Fist of the South Star") and a villain in the Fist of the North Star manga and anime series.

The Colonel uses boomerangs during battle and has a scarred face and wears an eyepatch that covers his right eye. He has telepathic abilities that allows him to anticipate his opponent's actions by the movement of their eyes. He was once a patriotic member of Red Berets, but lost faith in his country when he reported back to the mansion of his superiors, who he found committing debauchery and boasting about the power of nuclear warfare. After surviving the nuclear holocaust, he was convinced that he and his men were chosen by God. Kenshiro fights him and defeats him, first by taking out his eyesight using the pressure point Dōmei and then by using Hokuto Kaikotsuken ("North Star Bone Crushing Fist").

In the TV series, he is portrayed as a deranged follower of Shin who worships Shin as a God. In the 1986 movie, he has a small role as one of Shin's security officers: he is murdered by his master when focusing on Raoh's invasion instead of searching for the escaped Yuria.


  • There is a Meme that says Coronel is actually Rolento or a distant Brother.