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This Article Contains Spoilers - WARNING: This article contains major spoilers. If you do not wish to know vital information on plot / character elements in a story, you may not wish to read beyond this warning: We hold no responsibility for any negative effects these facts may have on your enjoyment of said media should you continue. That is all.

We are cryptic creatures by nature, pacified by his dark force, puppets meant to manipulate your world through mortal vessels.
~ Firebrand
The Collective is a mysterious, hivemind-like group of entities. Each member has been converted into a powerful being by The Administrator/Slender Man.


According to The Observer's Formspring answers, the Collective has been around for a very long time, existing at the time of World War II in the 1940's, and most likely a very long time before then. The Collective's numbers are unquantifiable, but there are several prominent members. The Collective is described as a limb of the Slender Man. The Collective exists in a separate realm, where time moves non-linearly.

Each member has their own obligations, and each appears to be following different people. The Observer follows Noah and Deadhead appears to have been following Sebastian, the writer of Karl's journal. There is also some evidence to support that Mr.Scars was/is following Mary Asher, although this is not confirmed.

Chess Pieces

During the Valentine's Day 2012 stream, the Observer tweeted several images of each member of the Collective, along with a title for each and a text symbol of a chess piece.

The chess pieces are meant to represent the "game" that is being played by the members of the Collective. Each "player" (which includes the Collective members and several other people) is represented by a chess piece, either black or white. The significance of the teams has not yet been revealed, but several Collective members are on opposing teams. Notably, Firebrand, who as of the INTERCEPTION video has been revealed to be on "Noah's side" (and thus in direct opposition to Slender Man/the Observer), is the "king" of the white pieces.

During the Valentines' Day Live Stream, the Observer confirmed to Noah that he was a chess piece, but hasn't revealed which one.

In a user-based message on Adam's tumblr, he mentions that the chess pieces likely represent the Collective as black pieces and the humans as white pieces.



The Collective's first appearance in the HAPPYBIRTHDAY video.

Slender Man (Leader)

The Observer (Kevin Haas) - Most well-known member. Wears glasses and has long hair. Referred to as "The Eyes".  His original title was "The Sentinel". The contents of a package sent by the Observer that were tweeted by Noah on November 9, 2012 confirm that Kevin is the Observer's vessel.

DeadHead (Unknown) - Wears a skull mask. Most likely followed Sebastian and is possibly following Karl Maxwell. Deadhead's name comes from the German word Totenkopf, which means "death's head". He is referred to by the Observer as "The Nationalist".

Firebrand (Noah Maxwell) - The person with the pinhole eyes and smile. Referred to by the Observer as "The Stubborn". He tried to save Noah intsead of assisting the Observer in "taking" Noah in "November 11th". The Live Stream Incident reveals Firebrand to be Noah from an alternate future/timeline.

Mr. Scars (Milo Asher) -Referred to by the Observer as a "pawn", as well as "The Burdened". Mary desperately asks Noah who Mr. Scars is in Mary Asher Phone Call. It was confirmed in Milo's Tape that Mr. Scars is Milo.

Cursor (Mary Asher) - Cursor is Latin for "messenger", she is the only known female member of the Collective.  She appears with X's over her eyes, and she is referred to by the Observer as "The Selfish".  Noah has mentioned that Cursor bears resemblance to Mary Asher. She is confirmed in Obituary to be Mary Asher.

Swain (Unknown) - The person to the Observer's left. He has been shown wearing a theater mask and an old European soldier uniform. He is referred to as "The Lover" 

Persolus (Karl Maxwell) - Persolus is Latin for "quite alone", his visage resembles that of an old man, and he is referred to by the Observer as "The Hermit".





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