The Choten is the primary antagonist in the Kaijudo: Rise of the Duel Masters series. He battles alongside Aqua Seneschal and Trox, General of Destruction.


The Choten is a charismatic evil genius who seeks to exploit the creature civilizations for his own purposes. He is a Kaijudo Master in his own right, but has chosen to follow a different path than the other Masters. He no longer relies on traditional ways of summoning and controlling creatures, instead preferring to use ultra-modern technology and mechanical means to enslave the creatures and control their power.

The Choten has many allies to help him achieve his objectives, including his protégé Alakshmi Verma and her spooky creature Razorkinder Puppet of Miasma Pit, and his second-in-command, Seneschal, a Water creature whose attitude mirrors The Choten's and who fully believes in his master's work. Even with such powerful allies, The Choten doesn't have a problem dueling when necessary, and is perhaps one of the most dangerous opponents that Raiden Pierce-Okamoto , Allison Underhill, and Gabriel Wallace may face.


He has appeared in many episodes. From his hideout in the Skidbladner ship, the Choten has many allies to help him in his goals to enslave the creatures and take over Earth once the Veil that separates both worlds is brought down. The Choten also seeks the artifacts of the five Creature Civilizations in order to control the creatures and take over Earth. He has succeeded in acquiring one but failed to get to other two. He has recently finished his project 'evolution', which makes a creature stronger but steals the creature's free will. When the Choten finally gets all five relics of the Five Civilizations in his possession, he states that it is time for the Creature Kings to rise. In "The Rising" Pt. 1, The Choten goes to great lengths to capture the Duel Masters' creatures to prevent them from interfering with his plan of summoning the Creature Civilization Monarchs. He manages to succeed in awakening them and summons King Tritonus to him. In "The Rising" Pt. 2, The Choten summons Infernus the Immolator, Almighty Colossus, Queen Kaleema of the Infinite Dark, and Eternal Haven Angelic Liege to him in order to take down the Veil. When the Veil is restored, the Choten and his base end up in the Creature World alongside Master Nigel, Fingers, and Heller. The Choten plans to make their army within the creature world.

The Choten was the Water Civilization Duel Master before Master Nadia.