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The 'Childhood Ruined Girl' (she's never actually named in the video) is the main character in the Childhood Ruined video created by Animation Domination High-Def. In the video, the girl sings a song about childhood cartoons and famous kid's movies and books and reveals dark obscure truths and trivia about them. Her video is currently the channel's 26th most viewed video, having almost 4,300,000 views.


Lyrics to her song "Childhood Ruined"

Childhood is precious,
but if we knew the whole truth then,
it would make our memories dark,
so here's your, childhood, ruined.
The Little Mermaid movie poster featured dicks, not a lie.
And the original story of the Mermaid ended
When the Little Mermaid died.
The Land Before Time was awesome,
Ducky's voice was a little girl's "quack".
Her real dad murdered her in cold blood,
That's why Ducky's voice did not come back.
Childhood ruined, childhood ruined, the truth is out there, and the truth is wow.
Childhood ruined, childhood ruined, if it wasn't ruined before, its ruined now!
"How about writers?"
the author of Peter Pan kept a book up on the shelf.
He forged a will to get custody of kids then Peter killed himself.
The guy who wrote James and the Giant Peach really hated the Jews,
And Lewis Carroll of Wonderland was a pedophile too.
The writer of the Giving Tree was a poetry machine,
His children's poems were so pornographic,
They were first published in Playboy Magazine.
Childhood ruined, childhood ruined, sorry to sacrifice your sacred cow.
Childhood ruined, childhood ruined, if it wasn't ruined before, its ruined now!
E.T. wasn't always a puppet,
He was played by a kid born with no legs.
During Milo and Otis, tons of dogs died,
But sometimes you have to break a couple eggs.
Childhood ruined, childhood ruined, no more "barks", no more "meows".
Childhood ruined, childhood ruined, if it wasn't ruined before, its ruined now.
So when it comes down to the truth,
Sometimes you must just surrender,
The principal from Ferris Bueller is a registered sex offender...
More child stars overdose,
Than time in this song will allow,
And so now I have to ask you:
"Is your childhood ruined now?"      


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