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Childhood is precious, but if we knew the whole truth then it would make our memories dark; so here's your childhood ruined.
~ The Childhood Ruined Girl

The Childhood Ruined Girl is the main protagonist in the song and video "Childhood Ruined" by Animation Domination. In the video, the girl sings a song about childhood cartoons and famous kid movies and books while revealing dark, obscure truths and trivia about them, while also acting out the atrocities.

She was voiced by Liz Beebe.


The girl begins her song by stating that childhood is precious, but that if we were to know the whole truth about some of the things we cherished as children, it would darken our memories and ruin those things forever. She then proceeds to admit that is what she is there to do, and begins her song.

She first explains the phallic imagery that was hidden on the movie poster and VHS cover of Disney's The Little Mermaid film, while also revealing that the original story the film was based on by Hans Christian Andersen ended when the titular little mermaid died. She then reveals that the voice of Ducky in The Land Before Time, Judith Barsi, was murdered by her father, and demonstrates this by burying Barsi alive.

She then tells of how the author of Peter Pan J. M. Barrie forged a will to get custody of children, then runs over Peter with a train. She explains that Roald Dahl hated Jewish people, and that Lewis Carrol, the author of the Alice in Wonderland books, was a pedophile, as she watches him throw kids into his van. She then also explains that Shel Silverstien used to write pornography.

She then shows that E.T. was once portrayed by a child with no legs and that in the film Milo and Otis, many dogs died during production, which she demonstrates by dropping a litter of puppies to their deaths and then shooting the survivors with a shotgun.

She then explains that Jeffrey Jones, the actor who portrayed Ed Rooney in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, is a registered sex offender and was arrested for possession of child pornography. She ends her song by showing and explaining that more child stars overdose than she can say in the length of the song. She then asks, "Is your childhood ruined now?".