~ The Child with a Chainsaw
Plaaaaay wiiith meeeeee!!!
~ The Child with a Chainsaw

The Child with a Chainsaw is a boss in the video-game Catherine.


This creature takes the form of The Child with disturbing modifications: a chainsaw for an arm, and a pincer for the other arm. The chainsaw is connected to its eye by a metal tube. It's face is encased in metal, with spikes that kinda resemble devil horns.


The Child with a Chainsaw Unmasked
Inside the metal mask contains a metal skull that's covered in blood. It's right eyes contain rows of teeth, it's left eye contain two or three chainsaw blades inside the socket, and a mini gun in it's mouth.


Vincent walks through the door into the final stage of the Clock Tower. Unsure of where he is, a huge blur comes quickly, then a bloody chainsaw. The final nightmare of the night begins.


As the level ends and Vincent was about to exit from the nightmare, the Child with a Chainsaw's face breaks open to reveal something more machine than human. It asked Vincent to play with him, but disappeared into the light, ending the nightmare.


Child with a Chainsaw 3
This is the second time The Child returns to Vincent's fears, though for a completely different reason. The symbolism of the baby on the outside mixed with the grotesque inhuman construction lurking underneath shows Vincent's fear that the child Katherine is carrying belongs to another man, Steve Delhomme.

The weaponry hidden inside the baby signifies that even though it may appear to be his on the outside, he will always have doubts about what's underneath: his child, or the blade of betrayal. The metal tube connecting the chainsaw to the Child's eye, later revealed to be a mouth in the eye socket, also is symbolic of the umbilical cord connected to a very dangerous thing: in this case, a cheating Katherine.

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