The Chechen

My dogs are hungry! Pity there's only one of you!
~ The Chechen unbeknownst that there are 3 impersonators.

The Chechen (real name: unknown) is a Russian crime lord and drug dealer who appears as a supporting antagonist in the film The Dark Knight.


He is the leader of the Russia-based mafia and is a close associate of Sal Maroni. He was a known buyer of Scarecrow's fear toxin (although he later tried to sell it back after learning what it really was) and was willing to work with the Joker in order to bring down Batman and Harvey Dent.

He later succeeds in locating the location of the Mob's money with help from the Joker and Lau, but Joker sets the money on fire instead and takes control of Chechen's outfit. It is unknown what happens to Chechen after this, but Joker said that he was going to order his men to chop him up and feed him to his dogs (which are black Rottweiler's).


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