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He's bashing me into shit!
~ Ellis
Don't just stand there! Kill this thing!
~ Coach

The Charger is one of the supporting villains and one of the special infecteds in the Left 4 Dead 2 video game. He is the second biggest and third strongest, he is also one of the only three special infected to be immune to shove.

Due to mutation, the Charger's right arm grows abnormally big and strong, whereas the left arm becomes smaller and useless. The Charger's right arm serves as his weapon, and with it he can charge through a team, grabbing and pummeling the first survivor he hits. He will not stop charging until he hits an object. Chargers can be deadly on ledges.

The Charger prefers to inhabit areas such as narrow paths, heights, and areas where it can be hard or time consuming to get back to.

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