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Go and tell them that I'm coming.. Go and tell them that I'm here, and show them the evidence.. You're not ready for me. No one is.
~ The Carver to Michaelis Winter.

The Carver,  also known as Hash'bor'kanibal, is a powerful Dekn Lord and Emperor. He was the first Dekn brought into existence. He commonly appears to beings in the form of his vessel, Lucifer "Luke" Anton.


Origin and Background

In the beginning, there was nothing. This nothing had a name, which was De'ebo. Anything else to how he came to be is unknown, other than he was the first of the eight "Gods", known to fanatical religious beings as "The Hethe." He is the one who created Existence, intended as a "blank canvas" of sorts for he and the other Hethe to create on. He was the one who created the first beings, The Dekn.  


The Dekn were the first beings created from The Hethe, and Hash'bor'kanibal was the first of them. Hash'bor was crafted by Deebo specifically to act as a vessel for the Hethe, a conduit for and representation of their power among mortal beings. 

Hash'bor'kanibal initially lived with the Dekn in their tree home. The Arkn saw the Dekn and wanted the tree they lived in. They attacked the tree. Hash'bor'kanibal joined the Arkn in this attack in secret, and the Arkn claimed the tree. Hash'bor'kanibal claimed he had gotten behind behind enemy lines in the midst of it, and was revered for doing so amongst the other Dekn. 

Hash'bor'kanibal eventually rose up as Emperor amongst The Dekn, and would become a well known enemy amongst The Arkn.  In order to keep the Hethe entertained and distracted, Hash'bor'kanibal ensured that the conflict between The Dekn and The Arkn continued. He used his shape-shifting powers to begin posing as an Arkn Lord over time. As an Arkn Lord, Hash'bor'kanibal became a favorite soldier (and lover) of the Arkn Lord Gilgamesh Xeth'i'stral, one of the first few Arkn (and the first King of the Arkn). Gilgamesh apparently became aware of Hash'bor'kanibal's true nature in time; however, he continued the affair, as he recognized the control it could grant him over his people. 

During this time, Hash'bor'kanibal also had affairs with a number of other Arkn in a disguised form -- often revealing his true nature after the fact (and after offspring had been produced). At some point, he entered into an affair with the decorated Arkn warrior Abaddon, the Third Arkn brought into existence by the Hethe. The two produced a son, Raphael, who was the first Arkn to result from procreation.  Some time later, Hash'bor'kanibal began seducing the Arkn Priestess of Heart and Salvation, Kry'atha, into creating an offspring. This offspring, named Eris Storn, became the first Arkn/Dekn hybrid. Hash'bor'kanibal hid this child from Kry'atha, stating that the production had failed. Distressed about the loss, Kry'atha left her sisters and submitted to Hash'bor'kanibal, trying two more times, creating Xerex Storn and Barith Storn. Soon after Barith formed however, Kry'atha discovers the Hash'bor'kanibal's true self, as a Dekn Lord. Despite learning of the Hash'bor'kanibal's true Dekn Lord self, Kry'atha still loved him. This love, possibly born through manipulation, led her to forgive Hash'bor'kanibal and denounce her ways as an Arkn. This pseudo-defection to the other side turns former Arkn Priestess Kry'atha into Kry'toha, The Dekn Queen of Love and Hatred. In time, Gilgamesh attached himself to Humanity as a Guardian. While the intentions were good, Gilgamesh's example encouraged the other Arkn to attach themselves to Humanity as well, essentially enslaving them; in addition, he mistakenly started the first war of mankind, and. For this, he became seen as a God in the eyes of Humans. This angered Hash'bor'kanibal, who wanted the attention. He went down to humanity's realm to reason with Gilgamesh, but a fight ensued and ended up destroying a large portion of humanity.

This destruction enraged Hash'bor'kanibal, who preceded to behead Gilgamesh and carve his skull into a sickle-shaped weapon, that he named Imulsyr, Killer of Kings. Promptly after on-the-spot leaving the Arkn (after revealing himself to be a Dekn Lord), Hash'bor'kanibal, now known as The Carver following this escapade, brought the bones of Gilgamesh to a place of pure darkness and began to construct The Infernous. Once it was complete, the Carver allowed Gilgamesh to transfer part of his living legacy into a child before he sealed him away in darkness and torment. From here, his fear and agony began to form inself into a source of pure power, which the Carver used to fuel the molding of the Infernous by (allegedly) trapping Gilgamesh forever in this state of agony. He is known to the Dekn as The Heart of the Infernous.

The Carver may have been involved with The Watchers fornicating with humans, due to the fact he has a Nephilim child; however, it is unknown how his child came to be, and this is debatable as of now. What is known is that The Carver is the one who informed The Arkn Cabinet of The Watchers' actions, in which both sides begin slaughtering The Nephilim and The Watchers as a result. Only several children are sealed away in secret by Raziel, and only several watchers survived, one of which was Asmodeus, the son of Abaddon and brother to Raphael, who, upon banishment, became one of The Carver's right-hands.

At an unknown time during the reign of the Arkn King Uriel, the son of Gilgamesh, The Carver (once again in disguise) produced a child with the First Arkn in existence, Gynesis. This child, named Az'uh'ra'el  (or Azrael). Several days after the creation of Azrael, Hash'bor and Abaddon came together once again (with Hash'bor bearing another disguise) and formed another child. This child, a son whom Abaddon named Raguel, was to take his place among the ArknAngels should its siblings ever fall and undergo the Bastard's Decay, failing to fulfill their destiny. Under a collague's encouragement, Raguel was sent away shortly after his birth to be given as normal a life as possible, without the pressure of knowing he may one day have to uphold the legacy of the Hethe.

Unknown to Kry'toha at the time of her rule's beginning, one last child was being spawned by her. Because of this, the birth of the child came to be the only pure-bred child of the Dekn. This child became the Prince of The Infernous, holding rights to Emperor-ship should its father ever fall. After the pure-dekn child is born, Kry'toha leaves the Carver's side and goes off in secret only to be seduced once again by him, only this time, he had been pretending to be a lowly Dekn counterpart. This newly spawned-from-the-cluxious child was named Jezzebellus, and soon after becomes the Princess of the Infernous. Kry'atha however did not agree with her child's new rule and confronts the Carver, only to learn that he had gotten Asmodeus to spread lies to Jezzebellus about her mother. This in turn, has Carver throwing Kry'atha into a deep pit of The Infernous, at request of his manipulated daughter.

At a certain point in time, The Carver is conjured by The Hooks Killer through the human body of a man named Lucifer "Luke" Anton, whom he merged with. Through him, The Carver uses his body as a natural appearance towards many characters.

The Knight Shift

You can't even stand.. GIVE IT UP!! GIVE UP!!
~ The Carver to Ellpagg.
Eons after The Carver revealed his true form and betrayed The Arkn, The Arkn Cabinet gathered together and proposed an idea to kill The Carver within his own realm. Their first initial choice was their King, Uriel, the son of Gilgamesh. To their surprise, Uriel declined, claiming he wouldn't kill a fellow Arkn. The Arkn Cabinet then goes to their next choice, the Arkn Knight of Time, Madness, and strangely, Beetles; Ellpagg. Ellpagg willingly enters The Infernous, under the ruse of attempting to convince him to rejoin the Arkn.

When Ellpagg is sent into The Infernous, his memories as an Arkn are stripped from him, and he is left vulnerable to the eternities of torment that The Infernous and The Carver has waiting for him. Ellapgg is given a camera, which gives a direct feed into Cloud9 for the majority of Ellpagg's eternities as the "audience" of The Knight Shift assumes the roles of the Arkn and Dekn viewing his torments. Soon enough (eight eternities after his torment begins), the Carver reveals himself and begins personal torments of Ellpagg, before an entity known as Malek ends up rescuing Ellpagg and bringing him to the son of the Hethe, Cedric Kharon. This, in turn, also allows The Carver a chance in finding Ellpagg at his strongest upon finding Michael Knight, who had been Ellpagg's guarded human at the time.

You're funny... I'm gonna rip your tongue out, and use it for floss.
~ The Carver to Michael Knight.

The Carver orders from Michael Knight the location of Ellpagg, and once learning that he is a vessel for him, Ellpagg and Carver have a short face off before deciding to have a chat over tea. The Carver informs Ellpagg that The Hethe, the prime evil, as well as the creators of existence, require his assistance. Later, before the events of May 15, Michael tears into reality and meets up with The Carver. The Carver informs Michael that The Hethe are coming for him. Much to The Carver's surprise, Michael is revealed to be a vessel for an apparent "Fallen Hethe" named Edgar. Edgar then shoots The Carver in the head.

Within The Infernous

What do you see out the window? Maybe you see nothing, because you're afraid of nothing? You're afraid of being nothing?
~ The Carver to Ellpagg.
The Carver, upon being shot in the head, returns to The Infernous, now as a prisoner of the cage he once built. He is there with Ellpagg, where The two talk and plan on finding a way to escape The Infernous together. However, The Carver winds up having to face his own personal hell, Ellpagg coming to full power and overpowering The Carver. Upon returning from this hell, The Carver begins attacking Ellpagg and the two have a brawl, during which, they mention the other ArknAngels, and how The Carver is one of them through the body of Lucifer. The Carver is eventually overpowered by Ellpagg, who briefly departs. Upon returning, Ellpagg finds The Carver apparently dying due to his vessel, Luke Anton, wearing thin. Ellpagg departs and seeks the help of The Hethe. The Carver's fate is left unknown afterwards.

Afterwards, Ellpagg encounters one of the Hethe in the Infinity hallway, this Hethe being a shrouded figure wearing a top hat. This Hethe is Deebo, so its apparent through this that The Carver's death had been faked at his own will. Deebo vanishes, and Ellpagg's Arkn Powers are stripped from him.

Escape from The Infernous

There is a war coming, ArknAngels. Uriel, Raphael, Tobias, Gabriel.. But Michael? You're not part of it. For you see, you simply are not an ArknAngel.
~ The Carver whilst possessing Michael Knight.
Not dead and still within The Infernous, The Carver meets up with Michael Knight again, after he was gutted by The Hooks Killer. The two strike up a deal to escape The Infernous, The deal being that Carver leaves with Michael and the two assassinate Cecil Xereth, as long as that The Carver becomes his guardian. Betraying Michael, The Carver then departs on his own and leaves Michael in The Infernous.

Eventually, after Michael is broken out of The Infernous by "Edgar", now revealed to have been Azrael Michaelis Winter, Michael is taken over by The Carver, who sends a message to the ArknAngels to warn them of the oncoming war, and in the midst of this, Carver informs Michael that he is, in fact, not an ArknAngel. Upon learning this, Michael is distraught. Ellpagg discovers that The Carver had manipulated others into thinking Michael was an ArknAngel, whereas in reality, Michael had been The Carver's Nephilim son the entire time, bred to be his vessel, and managed to finally use him as such due to Michael's agreement on the deal. Ellpagg allows himself to be possessed by a shard of the fragmented Hethe, Malek, and goes forth to battle The Carver, who manages to escape when he arrives.

The Threat & The Reveal

I'm coming for them. All of them, every single thing, all the things. The Arkn, Dekn. I'm coming for them. I'm going to be with me, on my side, and I'm just gonna kill 'em, just take 'em out. And not just out to a dinner and a movie, I'm gonna take them out. I'm going to destroy everything, and everyone, and you're gonna be there, and you're going to watch me. Everyone's going to watch me. No one can stop me. Ya know that?
~ The Carver to Michaelis Winter.
Upon Michaelis entering The Infernous due to his death at the hands of Samael Crow, his time there is interupted by The Carver himself, who proceeds playing Russian roulette with Michaelis. After all the shots reveal to be empty, Carver then uses Imulsyr to gouge Michaelis' eye out, and proceeds to tell him that he intends on going after every being in existence and destroying them all. Michaelis informs him that he and the other ArkAngels will stop him, only for Carver to respond with progressive torment, severely wounding his arm and other body parts. The Carver then casts Michaelis out of the Infernous for him to inform the other ArkAngels, after warning him that no one is truly ready for him.

While Michaelis is left in The Infernous once again after rescuing Tobias Kestler, he encounters The Carver while examining the first tree. He attempts to fight him, but is proceeded to undergo persistent torment by him. The Carver grows infuriated with Michaelis for not learning what he truly is based on his power, and begins to reveal that he is, in fact, the Hethe known as De'ebo. (However, this isn't completely true, as he is actually an avatar or vessel for De'ebo's power). He brands Michaelis with a brand that will burn whenever one of the Hethe comes near. Before leaving again, Carver warns him that the next time he sees him, it wont be in his current form. Paranoid, Michaelis shoots Michael Knight in the face in an attempt to counteract this. However, upon learning what he did, he breaks down, and The Carver leaves.

Appearance and Personality

The personality of The Carver varies entirely on the vessel of which he is taking. In order to better affiliate with the Arknangels, The Carver uses Hooks to find himself a suiting vessel, and ends up with Luke (Lucifer) Anton. With Luke's personality being a more fun and outgoing, The Carver appears as less of a threat to both Michael and Knight, and under the name Ed (as a callback to his buddy Hook's nemesis Edmond Carey).

Due to its nature, its appearance varies from person to person.

  • To Cedric Kharon: The Carver appears as a tall, red, skeletal creature baring many scars in the shape of animals on it's bony body. When utilizing one of the various animal's traits, the default being a bull's horn and a snake's tongue, the scars will bleed yet cause no visible harm to the Carver.
  • To Ellpagg: The Carver appears mainly as the 'Edmond persona' to Ellpagg, changing up and showing himself as a multi-armed demonic creature during one of the Knight's sanity attacks.
  • To Michael Knight: Michael sees the Carver as Luke Anton, but the two never met nor are they from the same reality so there is no recognition factor. However, Michael was revealed to be The Carver's Nephilim son. Despite being his child, Carver threatens, attacks, torments, and possesses Michael.


The Carver appears as whatever it knows will cause one the most pain and suffering, generally disturbing things, beings which appear intimidating or ones that will cause you personal psychological pain from the tormenting it causes. It can drive any known being to insanity when locating their every horror and playing upon them; even The Dekn themselves. It has the ability to appear as anything that will cause torment and pain, even the unknown, or impossible, so long as it can strike horror and indistinguishable fright into the masses.



  • With his divine powers revealed, its unknown whether or not his Infernous in The Knight Shift was ever his real personal Hell, or another trick by him.