Greetings. I am the Caretaker; a powerful virtual construct created by the Eldin to monitor all scientific experiments on the planet, Nexus. EEEGH! ...Excuse my erratic behavior, but it seems that I have developed certain instabilities since the Eldin- ABANDONED ME HERE- long ago. I am responsible for analyzing the physical and mental- WEAKNESSES- of sentient organisms, such as yourselves. It is important that I clearly understand the potential of my subjects in order to best determine how to- ANNIHALATE THEM! ...Oh my. Are you ready? Then please, step forward into this virtual adventure in order to begin. Don't be alarmed. The experience will be- EXCRUTIATINGLY PAINFUL!!!
~ The Caretaker

The Caretaker is the supreme virtual entity on the planet Nexus and is arguably the main antagonist of Wildstar.

Wildstar Caretaker (crazy)

going through one of his episodes