Nyte Blayde Cardinal
The Cardinal is one of the antagonists in the Nyte Blayde franchise and a fictional fictional villain in Saints Row: The Third.


As the leader of the Cyprian Order, a group who hunts down vampires, The Cardinal welcomes Nyte Blayde, and gives him the two katanas Nocturne and The Sun Ra. Although The Bloody Canoness seeks a relationship with Nyte Blayde, Nyte Blayde states that The Cardinal would forbid it. After Nyte Blayde is turned into a vampire, The Cardinal orders the rest of the Cyprian Order to kill him, leading to Marion's death at the hands of The Bloody Canoness.

During dialogue in the mission "http://deckers.die", Matt Miller makes note of a Season 3 episode of Nyte Blayde, named "Rise of the Cyprian Order", revealing The Cardinal remains a prominent character beyond the events of Season 1.

The Protagonist dresses as The Cardinal during the events of the mission, "Nyte Blayde's Return", and his outfit is unlocked at the end of the mission.

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