The Caped Cod is a minor villain in T.U.F.F Puppy. He is a demented homicidal cod who proclaims himself as ruler of the sea.

He is voiced by Chris Parnell in The Dog Who Cried Fish and Mick Wingert in Cold Fish.


In The Dog Who Cried Fish, he saw Dudley while he was getting lunch for his teammates and came to the insane assumption that he was the king of land because of the toy crown he was wearing. Suspicious, he battled him for his "kingdom" and lost, then tried to flood the city but got captured in the end. Jailed in a clam at the Petropolis Aquarium for the criminally insane, he vowed revenge on Dudley.

In Doom and Gloom, he was seen inside a fishbowl at Petropolis Prison. It could be possible that he was temporarily transferred there.

In Cold Fish, he escaped and tried to flood Petropolis again by melting the Riceberg Ice Bird Iceberg in order to make it part of his kingdom and get revenge on Bryce Riceberg for not inviting him to her wedding even though they were best friends in middle school, now working with a sidekick named the Seal of Approval. He was once again stopped by Dudley and Kitty Katswell.