The CORE is one of 2 playable factions in the popular 1998 real-time strategy computer game Total Annihilation.

Humanity and the CORE were once partners, the CORE's focus on scientific and economic advancement allowed humanity to colonize much of the galaxy. One day, CORE scientists made a breakthrough, with the discovery of a way to safely and reliably transfer a human consciousness into a machine, a process which they dubbed "Patterning".

As a public health measure, the CORE mandated this process to all of its citizens.

This is where humanity and CORE's partnership turned very sour.

Although some humans agreed to go through the patterning process, when humans refused to undergo the process the CORE set about killing all who refused, prompting the dissenters to flee to the planet of Empyrrean and form the ARM Rebellion.

A war lasting 4,000 years ensued. By the time Total Annihilation begins, the war is nearly over, with the player's chosen side almost destroyed.

The CORE campaign mode begins with the CORE in a last stand on their homeworld CORE Prime, having been vastly outnumbered by ARM forces. The player must then guide the CORE to establishing a foothold, driving the ARM back to their homeworld of Empyrrean and ultimately to their destruction.