That jealous monster would have made a nice compliment alongside Susan. Such wretched words and behavior, but his results were quite fitting.
~ Cyrus Kriticos observing Susan LeGrow's last boyfriend's work which made her doomed soul to become The Bound Woman.

Susan LeGrow, chosen to be The Bound Woman by millionaire Cyrus Kriticos, is a minor villainess, yet a major character in Thir13en Ghosts.

She was portrayed by Laura Mennell.


Before death

Susan was the daughter of the richest couple in town, making her the most popular girl in high school. She was also in the cheerleading squad, possibly, and presumably the leader. But her most defining feature was her infidelity, seducing many men and simply tossing them away, her friends always warning her she would regret it someday. During her school prom, she was dating the captain of the football team, Chet Walters, but once again she cheated on him with another boy, only this time Chet had his revenge. The following day, the other boy was found clubbed to death, and Susan went missing. She was later found buried under the 50-yard line in the local football field, bounded with ropes and strangled to death. Arrested and getting the death penalty, Chad's last words were "That bitch broke my heart, so I broke her neck".


Susan is still in her prom dress and crown, her arms tied behind her back. Her body hangs suspended by the belt used to strangle her, and she has many strangling marks in her neck. Even though she's dead, she still laughs in a sadistic and insane way.

Role in the movie

Susan is first seen luring Arthur's son, Bobby, into the basement of the Basileus Machine after she was released from her containment cube. Bobby follows her voice downstairs, and meets Susan's horrible figure in a hallway. She is only seen again at the climax, and finally leaving after the destruction of the Ocularis Infernum with the other ghosts and crossed over.



  • It is well known that Susan, as the Bound Woman, had her arms tied behind her back (hence her title). But she can be clearly seen in the climax lifting Cyrus towards the machine to kill him, even tough she was completely unable to move her arms.
  • The whispers which signal The Bound Woman's presence appear to be insane screams and laughter.

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