And now a word from THE BOSS.
~ The Boss, before possession.
cAn you LIVE with YouRself knowing yOu KILLeD ThEM AlL? you caNNot hAndLE ThaT kInd oF guILT. trustme. iknow. iknow what thatguilt feelslike. lookatme. LOOKATME! iambroken. as aRe yoU############
~ The Boss, post possession.

The Boss is the antagonist in the internet game Reimagine: the game:, a game which satirizes internet memes and true events.

The Boss was based on Slender Man: an extremely tall, faceless, human-like creature wearing a black suit. While not much of a big influence on the game itself at first, the Boss suddenly becomes corrupted halfway through the game by another meme, Zalgo, the entity of chaos and madness.

Role in the Game

As the Boss

The Boss

The Boss, before possession.

The Boss doesn't do much in the game at first. He is mainly seen in the background most of the time, not doing much aside from showing off his evil smile and grinning. His first real interaction is after a short animation parodying the rebel conflicts at Libya, where he addresses the player in a fourth wall joke during an intermission inside the game. He is later seen on a level parodying the current tween demographic - namely singer Justin Bieber and Edward Cullen from the Twilight Saga - where he offers a mic to Justin so he can sing to a "Black Swan" version of Miley Cyrus, which he does at first, but then stops in disgust when he sees the Boss offering him money for possible sexual activities. His last normal appearance is in a level about the 2010 BP oil spill, where the player controls the boss as he uses pelicans to wipe out the oil and get to the end.

As Zalgo

The Boss - Corrupted

The Boss, halfway possessed.

For unexplained reasons, the Boss is suddenly possessed by the H.P. Lovecraft-themed meme named "Zalgo", a deity which symbolizes chaos and madness. After his possession, he isn't seen until the final level in the entire game, where he starts destroying the world. The player is then leaded into controlling a few characters to press several buttons in order to fight off the Boss and fire cannons at him while the creature watches from the background.
  • Chell from "Portal" must go through a room using the Repulsion and Propulsion Gels from "Portal 2" and get to the button at the top.
  • Paul Vazquez from the "double rainbow" viral video must use his double-rainbow-jump powers to reach the button on the other side of the spiked gaps.
  • President Obama and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange must team-up to hit a button on the ceiling above them.
  • Justin Bieber and Edward Cullen must attract their fans to the buttons to fire the cannon.

After an x-ray search on his body, the player must finally use his own avatar in the game to jump towards Zalgo's head, finally destroying him for good, but subsequently destroying Earth in the process as well.

Appearance and Symbolism

As himself, the Boss is like the rest of the characters in the game, which are all faceless caricatures of celebrities and fictional characters. However, seeing as he was based off the Slender Man meme, his design makes the most sense out of the game-specific characters. He wears a top hat, black tailcoat and suit, just like the Slender Man himself. The fact that he offered money to Justin Bieber might also allude to the Slender Man, due to whereabouts that he is also a child molester. There is also the fact that, while every character is faceless, the Boss' association with the meme makes his reason for being so more believable. In personality, the Boss seems to be the stereotypical greedy businessman with little to no regard for the environment, only caring about the money and personal wealth.

As Zalgo, the meme rule changes entirely. Like the meme, the Boss becomes a corrupted version of himself with dark holes for eyes and sharp teeth, as well as a serpentine tongue and black tentacles inside his body. While his eyes are first seen as two black holes with small dots inside, it later gets worse as his eyes become two human-like eyes that keep looking around frantically, alluding to the meme's saying that Zalgo will rip out the victim's eyes, "the windows of the soul", and consume the soul entirely. Another change is that the Boss himself grows to an enormous size. Like the Zalgo meme, what is left of his speech and personality becomes erratic and random, as he now can only speak in gibberish and random symbols (as shown above).