The Boss

The Boss is the unnamed main antagonist in Imagine Dragons's "Radioactive" music video.


The video revolves around a mysterious female drifter who is on a quest to save her friends (Imagine Dragons) from the perils of a sinister, underground puppet-fighting ring run by the boss. The "Champion" of the fight, a large purple-colored beast, beats and kills innocent stuffed animals and puppets forced to fight. The woman's pink teddy bear puppet enters the ring and fights the "Champion", initially being beaten up. But after getting up from the ground, the teddy bear knocks out the champion of the ring and disintegrates two of the boss's defenseless human bodyguards with laser vision. The woman then takes the key off the boss's chest and unlocks the band from the perils, and they all walk out, leaving the boss to be surrounded and attacked by the rest of the puppets that had been defeated earlier.
Imagine Dragons - Radioactive04:22

Imagine Dragons - Radioactive