The Boov are an intergalactic race of aliens in Almost Home.

They serve as minor antagonists in Home.

The Boov invade earth to hide from their enemy, the Gorg. Oh is not a popular Boov, and as of that they don't go to his party, but Oh tries to get them to go to his party, so he sends an invitation to all the Boov (including the Gorg himself), Kyle and all the Boov go after him, but later they find out that can stop the invitation by putting on Oh's password but they don't know what it is, so they go out to find him and tell him what it is, but they escape after Tip turns the gravity off.

They all go back to Captain Smek with Oh after the Gorg invades them, Oh stops the invitation and the Boov were amazed by how close Oh was to the Gorg, they all agree that Oh should be the new captain.

After Oh saves them by returning The Gorg the rock that Captain Smek had that on his "shusher", they all go to his party and celebrate.


  • Smek - Captain (formerly), DJ (presumably)
  • Officer Kyle - Officer and a member of Boov Control.
  • Oh - Fugitive Boov (formerly), captain.



  • The Boov are led by Smek.
  • The Boov were meant to be to the secondary antagonists, however this isn't true, they are the tertiary antagonists behind Officer Kyle and Smek.

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