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The Bookman is the one member of the Eklipse Organization and his Monsuno is Librax. he & his men occupied Tebab's-library & destroyed each finds Tebab's-monk. Chase Suno, Jinja, & Bren, traveled to Tebab's but one tried to sweep them down. & soon the mysterious character titled to Beyal told that avalanche cause the one The Bookman's men. Beyal help to Chase & his friends to Core's back. but The Bookman knew that Beyal should be help out them. when Core's was received back Jinja took Bren's for safekeeping Chase & Beyal get fight for The Bookman's against. he said that his Monsuno Librax is too strong & fast but not. when battle was finished Chase & Beyal left also out of the. but The Bookman vows that when he ways Chase once again he vows to receive The Lock's managed. so it was his the second nakamise but he not successful when Dawnmaster of name guy fight for Lock's & Librax's against with his Monsuno Cheeclaw. Dawnmaster won the match but Lock destroyed the control panel & Tebab's-library was explode. The Bookman escape but Chase revealed to explosion. Later in the season 3 Bookman is now member the the Hand of Destiny and his new Monsunos are Urrax and Klorg.