The Bookman, played by the late Sam Jaffe

The Bookman is a minor villain in Bedknobs and Broomsticks. He was after the Substationary Locomotion spell, too. When he was after the other half of the Spells of Astoroth, he and Miss Eglantine Price traded each of their half to find the spell. He knew so much about Astoroth, as he mentioned the Isle of Naboombu and said "Does not exist". When Paul said it does exist, he was going to show his book and it was a bad thing for because the book had the magic words for the spell and the Bookman wanted to see it. In order to get the book he used a knife to force them to give him the book. But Miss Price, the children and Professor Emelius Brown planned to get away by the bed, when Mr. Brown told the Bookman that the bed and all on it will disappear, the Bookman said "I'd like to see a cheapjack entertainer do a trick like that." that made Mr. Brown angry. Miss Price told Paul to have the bed go to the Isle of Naboombu, while the magic bed was about to magically disappear, the Bookman ordered his minion, Swinburne to get the book but it already disappeared.