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♪ How much is that doggy in the window? The one who follows me home... How much is that doggy in the window? Some part of me thinks he knows... ♪
~ Story Parker singing before being attacked by The Black Dog.

The Black Dog is a portrayal of The Fear Of Guilt from The Fear Mythos.

It is a recurring villain in the Slenderverse, notably seen in several ARG's.


As described in The Fear Mythos, The Black Dog is the first portrayal of The Fear of Guilt, a living rendition of your secrets put out for all to see, and the truths that nobody should have to know. The Dog commonly stalks, attacks, or kills those bearing large, well-kept secrets. Another recurring motif is of the Dog marking victims with scars. If the Black Dog is injured, it can absorb body parts from nearby humans and graft them to its body to heal itself. Other stories depict The Black Dog in a "ghostly" form, made of a black smoke. Stories also portray it as repesenting omens, having it appear right before something disasterous happens.



Upon returning from a mental hospital and posting videos again, Story Parker began to see what she described as "A Black Dog" to her friends. Since seeing the Black Dog, she describes the smell of smoke around her house, causing her smoke alarms to go off repetitively, as heard in her videos. This leads to her deciding to move to another house, where she continues to see the dog. She eventually begins sleepwalking in search for the dog, where she is attacked by it in a parking lot. She wakes up in the parking lot with scars on her face.

The Black Dog is later heard barking outside Story's apartment. She encounters it and takes a strange key of its collar.


  • In KeratinGarden, The Black Dog is portrayed by Lexie's pet dog, Portia.
  • The Black Dog is one of the few villains taken from The Fear Mythos in an ARG, another being The Archangel.


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