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I'm the Beaver, Walter, and I'm here to save your goddamn life
~ Walter to himself through his Beaver persona

The Beaver is an ordinary hand puppet in Jodie Foster's film The Beaver that Walter Black, a toy company CEO who is facing marriage difficulties, finds in the thrash. Though it's only a regular inanimate object, it becomes a big important part of Walter's life when he unsuccesfully attempts to suicide and accidentally develops an acute Dissociative Identity Disorder and now talks through the puppet. Though it puts everyone off at first, the toy executive manages to save his company from bankruptcy and even reestablish bonds with his family much to the discontent of his elder son, Porter, who already had major relationship issues with his father before the puppet incident. Eventually his wife discovers that the puppet is not part of a therapy he had lied about and that the Beaver is taking over him, valuing his new persona even more than his own family. She decides to permanently distance from him and Walter finds out he cannot get rid of the puppet himself without getting hurt.

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