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Hercules, or better known as the Beast, was the (former) main antagonist in the movie; The Sandlot. He was Smalls' former arch-nemesis and Mr. Mertle's pet dog.



According to Squints, about 20 years ago, Mr. Mertle bought a new puppy to guard his junkyard. Mr. Mertle would feed his puppy whole size of meat to make it big and strong. In a few weeks the pup grew into the Beast. And when anytime thieves would tried to break into Mr. Mertle's junkyard, The Beast would intimidate them, and kill them. After a while however, the cops started to get phone calls and reports on all the missing thieves, which rounded up to 120 to 173 thieves missing. The cops searched the entire junkyard, but they couldn't find any of the bodies anywhere. According to Squints, The Beast ate them bone and all. The Beast was certainly too good at his guard dog job, so police forced Mr. Mertle to retire him. Squints' grandfather, who was the police chief back then, and a small group of police officers arrived at Mr. Mertle's house. He ordered Mr. Mertle to turn his backyard into a fortress, and have the Beast chained up and keep him under the house, so The Beast couldn't get out, eat any of the children, and no one can be harmed by the Beast again. After placing the Beast under his house, Mr. Mertle asked the police how long the Beast was supposed to be chained up. Their answer was, "Forever." And since then the Beast has been underneath Mr. Mertle's house for nearly twenty years.

As time went by however, people started to spread rumors about the Beast, and Mr. Mertle. Rumors state that Mr. Mertle a mean, blind old man that own a giant Gorilla-dog creature that ate one little kid when he went over the fence in search for a baseball. Rumors also ay that Mr. Mertle was the one who let the Beast eat that kid.

The Beast was also known to terrify anyone who lost, anything, mainly a baseball, over the fence. So if anyone lost a baseball over Mr. Mertle's fence, the item, or baseball was considered to be gone, and never to be seen again.

In The Sandlot

When Smalls and his best friends accidentally tossed a baseball, that was own by Smalls' stepfather, and signed by Babe Ruth into Mr. Mertle's backyard, they tried to get it back by any means necessary. Originally, one of them was to simply knock on Mr. Mertle's door and ask him if he could get the ball, but that plan was quickly rejected due to many negative rumors about him. Unfortunately, everytime the gang comes up with a new plan, the Beast always manages to get one step ahead of them, either by outsmarting them or simply scaring them and then destroying their weapons or machines used to retrieve the ball.

After a series of plans go wrong and fail, Benny bravely decides to confront the Beast on his own to get the ball back. After entering Mr. Mertle's backyard, Benny eventually confronted the Beast head on.
Hercules (Sandlot)

Hercules AKA the Beast

It was revealed that the Beast was just a male English Mastiff named Hercules. Benny managed to grab the baseball, and fled for his life. After a long chase, both Benny and Hercules ended up back to Mr. Mertle's backyard. Benny managed to jump over the fence between the Sandlot and Mr. Mertle's backyard, but Hercules rammed right through it. In the process, the fence came tumbling down onto Hercules, scaring and injuring him. Scott Smalls and Benny managed to save Hercules, and in returned, Hercules gave Smalls and his friends, all the baseballs Hercules took and buried, that and a bunch of kisses.
Hercules redeemed

Hercules as the Sandlot gang's mascot/ball receiver

After which, it is likely that Hercules became either the mascot of the group, the group's ball retriever, or both. He had lived up to be 199 years old in dog years.

In The Sandlot 2

It was confirmed in The Sandlot 2, that Hercules found a mate, and had a few puppies. One of those puppies was named Goliath, but later earned the reputation known as The Great Fear, who took on the next generation of the Beast. It is likely that Hercules died shortly after Goliath's birth.


Hercules is known for being elaborate and dangerous. He is extremely sensitive and is able to attack and kill people in the neighborhood. He is a ferocious 300-pound dog and is portrayed to be a beast.


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  • Despite Squints saying that Mr. Mertle bought The Beast, about 20 years prior to the events in the movie, the average lifespan of an English Mastiff is about 7 to 11 years, so how the Beast managed to live 20+ years, and eventually, "199 years old in doggy years", is never explained.


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