The Bankivoide (Talons of Thunder in the English dub) is a powerful gamecock, who belongs to the highest bidder called El Oscuro. Is the main antagonists in the third sequel of Huevocartoon named Huevos: Little Rooster's Egg-cellent Adventure, until then it becomes the antihero repented at the end of the story, discovering that the main villain is Sweet Pea (Chiquis).

He was voiced by Sergio Sendel.


The bankivoide is a pretty big and chunky cock, which has immense muscles and colossal size, its head is brown and above this has a long red crest, its hind feathers are completely green, decorated using a gold belt which it is its recognition as the largest campion in every Palenque.


This cock had been one of the strongest and invincible, after previously a legendary fighter named Don Poncho withdrew from the arena after losing the battle with a duck, Toto had to beat bankivoide because a liar rancher named El Oscuro, there would deceive owner wing of the farm and will be forced to bet on the fight, rolo personal training and combat and facing each opponent, was victorious in every battle with roosters, to come face to face with the bankivoide in that the fight was somewhat difficult to toto, because the bankivoide was very powerful for the end of the story Toto uses his skills duck and manages to beat him



  • The bankivoide is the only villain who was not interested in destroying or killing Toto, unlike their predecessors who are Serp, The Egg Witch and Sweet Pea (Chiquis).
  • Is considered the most powerful villain from all franchise movies of Huevocartoon , because his muscles and size, besides being more agile and strong physically.
    • It spite of that, it becomes good at the end of the story because his chiquis girlfriend, loved for their own benefits and get everything she wants, in addition to eliminate all opponents who ruin their plans, so Sweet Pea in evil it is considered the most evil villain in the film.
  • Her name comes from the term cock fighting is called in Mexico.