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The Banker Durcet is one of the main characters of the famous novel of erotic horror-satire The 120 Days of  Sodom, the writer and French politician Donatien  Alphonse Francois de Sade and the film Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom, directed by renowned writer, intellectual and Italian director Pier Paolo Pasolini. It 'a banker who built their wealth thanks to many dishonest acts, and obviously a big fan of licentiousness and a ruthless murderess and torturer. Together with friends Blangis, Curval and Bishop, he participated in the evil plan consisting of the capture and imprisonment of a number of human victims of a very young age, on which to vent all their baser instincts and desires libertines. Together with three friends the Banker has entered into an agreement to cement their friendship, organizing of marriages with the four daughters of men. To marry his daughter Constance to the Duke of Blangis and in turn married Adelaide, daughter of Curval. It should also be said that it is the owner of the castle in which the group will begin to shut up their game in the massacre.

Like the three companions, being protagonist of a novel and a film genre satirical, President Curval is to embody one of the four main forms of power: in his case, the economy.

In Pasolini's film Durcet is played by Umberto P. Quintavalle, Italian writer and journalist friend of Pasolini, here at his first and only role as an actor.

Appearance and character

Durcet is described as low, plump, pale complexion and rather effeminate, with a fluting voice and mellifluous. ; Compensation and it looks pretty nice. And 'ipodotato, and because of the size of his small penis and the fact that he orgasms in very rare occasions (which frustrates him a lot) prefers anal sex passive than active. He likes oral sex, the only pleasure he likes to realize in active form. He poisoned his mother, his wife and nephew so she can inherit the vast fortune. As mentioned earlier, has one daughter, named Constance.

In the film

Because of the setting of the film other than the book - the film is set in Italy in the Second World War - Durcet become a fascist. Physically it is very different than in the book, being tall, thin, with a mustache and an obvious balding. He 'very severe, and loves to bully victims. Also, unlike the book, also it seems to prefer anal sex active, as in a scene we see him sodomize the Duke of Blangis.

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