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The Bad Egg

The Bad Egg was a major antagonist in the old Humpty Dumpty cartoon.


In the cartoon, the Easter Egg fell in love with Humpty Dumpty's son. However, the Bad Egg fell in love with the Easter Egg even though he was more old than her. The Bad Egg took her away and tried to kill Humpty Dumpty Jr. for that. Mysteriously, he was willing to let the Easter Egg get boiled until Humpty Jr. rescued her from being fried. However, being in boiling water, caused Easter (by egg standards) to become more beautiful and shapely, and hard boiled her personality. When Humpty Dumpty fell into the boiling water as Easter Egg was using her boxing skills against the Bad Egg, the Bad Egg took her hostage and began making out with the Easter Egg against her will. Fortunately, Humpty Dumpty survived and being hard boiled caused him to become stronger and took out the Bad Egg with his fighting skills. Unlike the Easter Egg, Humpty Dumpty killed the Bad Egg with matches after pushing him off the counter. With the Bad Egg gone, Humpty started to live happily ever after with the Easter Egg.

Powers and Proneness


Kidnapping-He seems to be a skilled kidnapper since he was able to takeout Humpty Jr. while kidnapping the Easter Egg for his own sinister purposes. Superhuman Strength-He was able to takeout Humpty Jr. by making him dizzy while kidnapping his lover. Tactical analysis-He seems to be aware of his surroundings as well as who he is fighting.


I assume he has a split personality disorder since he tried to kill the Easter Egg and then make out with her. Also, it seems that the Bad Egg has no fighting skills of his own since he allowed himself to be beaten by children.