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The Baboon (Papio) is a mammal that appeared in From A to Zoo as one of the animals in the that the characters
Cuddles and Toothy tormented it prior to Sniffles asking Lumpy to take a photo of him with the baboon. The humilation he suffered in addition to being locked in a cage and the camera's sudden bright flash enraged the baboon, whereupon it tore Sniffles to pieces. It somehow escaped the cage and wandered around the zoo with Sniffles' camera. It managed to get onto the bus, wearing Sniffles' glasses to trick Lumpy. As the episode ended, the baboon took a photo of himself. The flash caused it to go crazy again, leading Lumpy to crash the bus, possibly killing Lumpy, Flaky, and himself. The baboon seemed to have some intelligence, as it could remember Cuddles and hold a grudge against him, as well as trick Lumpy into thinking he was Sniffles (because of the camera and his glasses).

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