I my friend, am a collector. I receive an order for a certain number of souls and I fill it. You see there are people who willingly sell their souls to my client for wealth, or power…or some…pretty girl they fancy. But they never really read the contracts, do they? When everything goes belly-up for them and it always does, they regret their purchase and demand an exchange. On occasion, my client is forced to comply. And for every willingly given soul he loses, he requires one thousand more to replace it. And that is why I am here.

~ The Collector explaining who he is and his purpose to one of his victims.

The Autumnal Collector( or simply The Collector) is the main antagonist of Katy Towell's animated You Tube short, The Autumnal Collector.

He is voiced by the short's narrator, Tim Jones.


The Autumnal Collector is a mysterious entity who travels around the world during autumn, to collect a thousand more souls from as many humans as he can to satisfy his "client" (implied to be Satan himself). He is able to enter their houses through the walls, floors, and windows given his powers of levitation and intangibility. His reason for doing so is because any time his client is forced to give back souls to those who sold it to him, he demands a thousand more to replace the ones he was forced to give back. According to the Collector, the victims whose souls he take live for a while, and when they do, they do what they can to require their souls back which involves either committing murder (sometimes on their families), or becoming a criminal mastermind. He carries their souls in a black bag. Apparently, he has a power that can keep others from hearing his victims scream while he takes away their souls.

During the course of the film, the Collector explains his purpose to a young boy who is suffering from a cold, and tells him he can become "anything he puts his mind to" after he's taken his soul. The boy cries and tells him he wants to be a school teacher. This causes the Collector to completely abandon his somewhat affable tone, and explains angrily to the boy, that if there's anything he'll learn in his life after the Collector's done with him, it's that "...YOU DON'T ALWAYS GET WHAT YOU WANT!" His face then becomes even more monstrous than before and he takes away the young boy's soul, causing him to scream in fear. The boy tells him he hates him, but the collector know he's simply lying to himself, as he cannot feel anything with out his soul. However, he tells him that pretending is good if he wants to get anywhere in life. Before he left, he gave the boy his card that said: "THE AUTUMNAL COLLECTOR: PROCUREMENT SPECIALIST". He tells the boy if he wants to buy his soul back, he'd be able to reach him during autumn. After her leaves, the boy looks down at the card, and it turns into a knife. He then looks at his family's bedroom door from across his room, implying he killed his family in the hopes of getting his soul back.


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The Autumnal Collector