The "Arisen" is the title given to anyone whose heart was stolen by a Dragon, and survived. and as The Arisen you can make good choices or evil choices


During its raid on the fishing village of Cassardis, a dragon approaches the hero of the story, telling them that he or she - depending on the choice of the player - is the "chosen one", and proceeding to tear out their heart. Due to having their heart taken, the hero is revived as an "Arisen", and is destined to find and kill the dragon that stole their heart. The Arisen proceeds to an encampment along the way to the capital, Gran Soren. During their stay at the encampment, a hydra attacks. The Arisen cuts off one of its heads, and proceeds to the capital with the head to be presented as a gift to the duke of Gran Soren. After reaching Gran Soren, and investigating a hole known as the Everfall, he works for the Wyrm Hunt, where the Arisen proceeds to do various tasks, including uncovering a cult known as Salvation, who want the dragon, known as Grigori, to destroy the world.


Committing crimes in Gran Soren will cause you to be chased by the City Guard who will throw you in the Dungeon when you are caught. Attacking citizens and being caught in the Duke's keep after Nightfall are considered crimes. After being thrown into the Dungeon, your weapons and equipment will be unequipped and replaced with a Set of Prisoner's Rags and you will be unable to access your inventory or equipment until you have escaped the cell. To leave, you have the option of bribing Ser Jakob with 5000 gold (or whatever money you have) or using a Skeleton Key to open the door of your cell (provided you had one in your inventory at the time of your capture).