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The Arcanum

The Arcanum

The Arcanum
is an ancient book which was written in the 15th century by the astrologer Basileus while he was under demonic possession. It contains spells, profiles on the thirteen ghosts of the Black Zodiac, and blueprints for creating a mansion-like machine with which to open and gain control over the Ocularis Infernum.

Over the centuries, many people died trying to obtain the Arcanum, before it eventually fell into the hands of Kalina Oretzia. She and Cyrus Kriticos used the blueprints in the Arcanum to perfectly reconstruct Basileus's Machine, and to gather twelve of the thirteen spirits needed to power and activate the machine.

The Arcanum was most likely destroyed, either when it and Kalina were trapped between two closing glass walls in the machine, or otherwise, when the machine exploded.