Monty Python- The Annoying Peasant03:16

Monty Python- The Annoying Peasant

The Annoying Peasant was a minor "villain by proxy" in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, he was not a malicious character but stood in opposition to King Arthur and his knights due to holding political views very different from most in Arthurian society, which was played upon relentlessly to both give comedy for the audience and a source of conflict for Arthur and his men.

Although King Arthur tried to reason with the Annoying Peasant he proved to live up to his name and continually provoked Arthur until the King ended up throttling him after losing his tempter, yelling at him to "shut up" but the Annoying Peasant remained defiant as he accused Arthur of oppressing him, forcing the King and his men to abandon the area.

The Annoying Peasant is one of Monty Python's most famous characters and the third antagonist in the movie, the other two are the French Taunter (who is slightly more villainous, even then he is also a mischief-maker rather than evil) and the geniunely evil Rabbit (who slaughters everything in its path).